Matteo Mascheroni born in 1987,
after ten years of work at an aeronautical company and the moto stuntman/stuntrider activity, decided to immerse himself totally in his personal artistic research.

Self-taught and devoid of any metaphysical purpose: the work is totally a figurative expression which embodies through its figures a personal vision of the world.

Unbound interpretations,
without fixed departure points,
meant to give intimate space to anyone
in a free relationship
with the artwork.
Titles and captions, in fact, are almost absent.

The research, following the same philosophy of the paintings, continues to take shape also through sculpture.
The stone carving activity and the sculptural one, begins by forging personally the various handmade tools:
iron, fire, stone, wood bring back an archaic tension.
The visual journey
begins and ends
in work and in the constant dialogue
between the figures and the author
and ultimately with the observer.